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A short, single bullet hell boss fight game. Dodge and weave through numerous projectiles through several different stages for a cinematic ending!


Project Colossus 1.2.zip 22 MB

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I'm not sure if you made this game in an hour or something but I don't get anything.  I don't even know what the 3 numbers on the top right are.  There aren't any sound effects.  Honestly I think this game would actually be really fun if there was any polish.  If you add polish and a few more attacks I think this would be a cool game!  (Also every few seconds it restarts it's very annoying my health isn't even going down!)  
EDIT:  I just realized I keep dying because the bullets are spawning inside of me..  why.  Also you should make the character run faster.

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to play my game, it means a lot! Also thanks for a criticism, I agree the UI is terrible and some stuff isnt clear; ill release a hotfix later today that ought to clear some stuff up!

For now I may as well explain whats happening: The bottom health bar belongs to the boss, your health is the most left number on the top left. You can press space to dodge through bullets, dodging through green ones gives health. The damage you are taking is supposed to be a guided missle sort of attack, that homes in and fires after a second into more bullets. Its represented by a comically small shadow. This will all be addressed in the fix.

Stay tuned!

Update deployed!